Topic: Wesley Tupelo

im thinking about buying a Wesley Tupelo semi electric.
IM practicing on a friends Epiphone Gibson semi at the moment and like the feel.Ive seen the Wesley on Ebay and like the looks and the sound of it(from the attached youtube video there)
Can anyone ofer any advice about the pros and cons of this  guitar?
Thanks in advance

Re: Wesley Tupelo

Hi 3chordmania I have never heard of them,did you try a web search?

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Re: Wesley Tupelo

A store in or around London has them.Do an ebay search on them and you should find one there.Its jet black in colour and looks very smart.The accompanying youtube video shows a chap playing and the sound is magic.
I realise the guitar market is huge so maybe its not suprising theres little response for it
Cheers and thanks anyway