Topic: The Coopertown Jail

The Coopertown Jail
Author Robert Stenberg

Clickity-clack went the sound of the rail,
As the train made its way to the Coopertown Jail.
The convicts were dressed in their denims of blue,
They were shackled together, two by two.

With furnace ablaze and making a roar,
The guards and their shotguns were both at the door.
We went on and on, into the night,
Until Coopertown Jail, came into sight.

“Stand here in straight lines, two by two,
Or it will be the end of you.
No time to kiss your mother goodbye,
For you’ll not leave, unless you can fly.��

Above the front door, we silently read.
“Try to escape and you’ll wish you we’re dead.��

Re: The Coopertown Jail

This poem was my first attempt at trying to tell a short story and put sound into it.
The sound of the trains on the track and the roaring furnace.
Regards, Flybye

Re: The Coopertown Jail

yep that works for me, very visual, i could picture the scene.

well done, cant wait to see more


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Re: The Coopertown Jail

Like Phill said - very visual.
I could actually see myself in this jail ( not a good thing ) and the despair that a convict would feel being locked up.

You have turned me away from a life of crime for good.

Who said poetry cant influence our lives??

Thanks for a good one.

Jamie R