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I like to think everyone at Chordie is pretty straightforward. We call each other by our names, and talk about "real" stuff; but if you've ever spent much time on say facebook or something, you'be had to notice the ridiculous things
people try to make you believe they're doing right now. Without naming names I'll mention this one example of a guy my brother went to school with. He always posts ridiculous things like "buying yet another vehicle" or "ready to spend some money" blah blah blah, he has no job. So I already knew he was full of it. Then he starts these "vacation to mexico" posts ( I was sure he had told me his family was from Spain). He talks about smuggling weapons, seeing dead bodies in the street, buying
hummers (in mexico??) and all the time I'm thinking, " if all this crap is really happening WHY would you be on facebook right now?" Anyway, he's ridiculous. I also have an uncle (nlt onenI'm close with) who's profile picture is a parrot and he signs all his posts with "squaaaaaawk!" You guys have any good ridiculous fb persona stories? What makes people DO that??

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No.  I unfriend or ignore folks like that.  No need to deal with drama queens/kings.  There's enough drama in every day life not to have to make stuff up. 

The folks with whom I associate all tend to be WYSIWIG kinds of folks.  Oh, we get silly and ridiculous, but it's understood that we're being silly and ridiculous.  We're not trying to make anyone actually believe that stuff.   

Now I must be jetting off to the coronation.  Hanging out with all this royalty is so tiresome.  And can you believe Rudolfus sent the Citation?  I was expecting the Lear or the Hawker as a minimum. 

- Zurf

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Never facebooked, never will!!!!!

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i am on facebook,but I dont lie about myself.Actually my profile is quite dull.I do keep an eye on my daughters facebook account.If you mhave trouble sleeping,just read my facebook page and you will fall asleep in no time.

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jcellini, facebook drags us all in, in the end. lol

I actually enjoy "facebooking", it's a great way of sharing with family and friends scattered all over the planet. I guess it's what you make it. There's a little section in the basic info part of your profile that says "about you", mine simply says... still boring old me. If you're looking for tales of musical or personal expertise or accomplishment then my profile is not for you.

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I don't even update my FB anymore.
I realize that no one cares and I'm not that self-important...anymore.
In the end, it's just another social-information tool.
Nowadays, I use it just for that.


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I look at FaceBook once in awhile.  It helps me keep track of my two daughters activities from day to day.  Nothing special there.  I like seeing my grand kids pictures posted.  Things like that.  Like Zurf, I have to cut this short.  I have a bar-b-que with a senior senator from Utah later.  I just don't know whether to take the Bentley or the Porche when I go.

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I use Facebook to keep in contact with my family in the UK.

Sadly it is the only way I can do so as the donkey and cart take too long to get me back to see them sad.


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Wherever you are - wherever you post - whatever you post - ONCE IT'S OUT THERE YOU AIN'T NEVER GETTING IT BACK!


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hi hannahbeth i'm on face book but use it to contact friends and family,cheaper than phones,i know what you mean by the useless garbage that is posted,but if your friend or family are friends with them you end up getting all their rubbish as well,i just scroll past it and read what i want....stay cool

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Hi hanna,I stay away from sights like them,like you said too much trash and it is where you have agood chance of picking up something bad on your computer.

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My brother recently made a few posts on facebook going on and on about everything he ate for dinner and how he was planning to blink 27 times, etc... as a mockery of all the bologna play by plays people give on there.  Sometimes I may get a little over zealous myself, but it's always REAL and sometimes I'm really an over zealous person (but it's only because the Queen comes to visit me every couple months and I MUST show her off to the world!  LOL!!!).

I hear ya girl, it's just plain wrong and THOSE people don't stay my friends long.  I just "de-friended" a girl I went to high school with (and haven't seen in over 15 years) because her facebook page was nothing more than a pity party and story of her sad sad life - going through boyfriends, never going to find a good man, etc... YAWN.  I'm sure you've heard enough already.  These people should go get a guitar and take up a new hobby!  smile

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