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I couldn't sign off without leaving a song for me Chordie dance partner.

A slow lurch sir ! lol.

Hugs to you sir. I hope life is more then good to you and yours.

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A beautiful song Old Doll.  The pleasure has been all mine.  The dances were wonderful.  You will be back I hope.  You have a big heart, although a hurting one I feel.

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Hi Old Doll,good too see you posting,have not seen you here for a long time,hope you got your eye's done.

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Hi Helena,

It is great to see you here after so long. I am so sorry to hear of your problems and I sincerely hope you are soon back to your old self (correction - young self).

Take care and come back as often as you can as you have been sorely missed.


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Old Doll my lovely friend smile So glad to here something from you, I had wondered where you were. I'm not sure whats happened but I hope you find health and happiness. Perhaps you remember asking me to ship my beautiful hamster ChiChi to you? That always makes me smile when I remember the poor old thing (r.i.p.)              best wishes, Hannah (once known as last_rebel)

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I don't know you Old Doll but thanks for posting this wonderful song. Lovely! I've been a fan of Mr Bogle for years smile


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