Topic: Banjo Pricing?

Hey there, im curious, how much would an average quality banjo sell for new? used?

and, does anyone know how much one could expect to pay for an electric violin/fiddle?

I saw one on a trip to france recently but i cannot remember the price.

I'm interested in learning all sorts of stringed instruments, banjo, violin, and sitar among them

I wont even try my luck asking anyone here if they know where to find a sitar.

Re: Banjo Pricing?

I saw a sitar on e bay once, I was thinking of getting it but it was costing quite a bit.
I got my wife an electric violin from e bay, I think it was "purple turtle trading" on e bay. It is crap, it cost me £70 ( or there abouts) Her dad got her a better one costing £150. But you can get half decent ones for about £90.
I dont play the violin but my wife does and she says she prefers the acoustic one, better sound from it. But I suppose on the sort of sound you want to get from it.

look up e bay for all the instruments and click on worldwide and not just the UK or USA, doesnt really cost much for postage


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending

Re: Banjo Pricing?

Bean Blossom is a good line of Chinese banjos in the $300.00 range. Rover banjo line are well made and affordable as well, with comparable prices. I own and love a Deering Golden Era, and their banjos start at about the same as the Chinese models. Check Folk of the Woods website for more details.

As for sitars, here in Toronto we have a large Indian/Pakistani community. These folks have music stores that cater to their communities and sitars, tablas etc are easily available there.

Re: Banjo Pricing?

You can get a five string from about £120.00, but the cheapest I own cost me £495.00 second hand and my most expensive cost £2000.00.

Re: Banjo Pricing?

Banjos vary so much in price that its really hard to say. I have bought KAY & Similar 4 string ones for as little as $20 at yard sales, but A good Gibson, Ode, Weyman, Baldwin or any well respected brand can cost Thousands. Also depends on style/Type. 4 string Tenor's & 5 String are the most common. Look for a good wood shell, Nicely finished hardware, and a straight neck with good playability & sound. After that look at fancy inlays, skunk stripe neck and Gold plating. Go for sound & Playability.
As Far as Sitar's, the cheapest playable one that I have seen was an Electric one made by Dan-Electro back in the 60's. You might find one on E-Bay, but use caution and be sure it's really playable and in decent condition. Probably a collectable today, but you might still find one on E-Bay,