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My family and I were there when this happened. Not 5 or 6 mins before, we were standing right where the little girl was. We were down a little lower when some rocks came flying by. When we heard some screams I scrambled back up and saw what had happened. That was by far the worst thing I've ever seen. Another guy came up right behind me and he had a cell phone so he made he 911 call. So sad that freak things like this happen. I hate saying this, but I thank the Lord that it wasn't my wife or son and that they didn't see what I saw. I can't imagine the pain that family is going thru.

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absolutely horrible, and do not feel bad for saying it Z... I thank the Lord each day that it's not us when I read things like this.  We've had enough, but I can't imagine going through something as terrible as that and seeing your child in that condition.  Bless that family.

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Thats a terrible thing to happen.

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That's really scary.

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