Topic: New Planet waves "O" port

Just wondering if anyone out there has hands on experience with this new product? Purchased

  one today at GC. Claims to give a fuller sound, better clarity,more volume and best of all-

suppresses feedback. I have the P-W solid sound hole plug and works well. This new one is not

solid which allows more volume just playing acoustically whereas the other mutes the volume.

Plugged in it does not matter though. Will give this new gizmo a stress test myself but would

like to hear from others.     Mike

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Re: New Planet waves "O" port

I have one that came with one of my guitars.  I have removed it and not noticed any change.  It is now collecting dust on top of my file cabinet.  I may put it into one of my guitars for which the sound is not very "full" and see whether it makes a difference. 

Good luck.  My guess is that it's a guitar specific things like strings.  Some strings sound good one one guitar and not so good on another.  The guitar I bought with the thingy already installed has a rich, full tone on its own.  However, on a guitar that's not quite so rich, it may make a difference. 

- Zurf

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Re: New Planet waves "O" port

Hi Zurf, thanks for your input. I agree with you after giving it the test last night at band practice. Really didn't

notice the clairity and fuller sound much although it's tough to tell without pulling it out and putting it back in

the sound hole which is a pain in the butt cause the strings have to be loose.

However as a feedback killer I think it worked well. We are working on a handful of songs with acoustic and at

no time did it feedback.        Mike

Our intuitions serve us well