@ Russel,

I was at a Navy Exchange in Cuba a few years ago.  Wanted something to work with and found it on the programs shelf.  Its a full studio and number of tracks is only limited by hard drive space.  Kinda a fore runner to Pro Tools.  its complicated for my basic knowledge, So I do like to use AUDIO GALAXY for stuff.  I have just started to get back into using it all.  Have been transfering 25 yr old cassets of me and my basement buddies to the comp.  I did find a great Bass line from a buddy that I have to work on getting my guitar silanced in the back round as much as possible.   I am going to put a bio  on the general page ablut me.  Thanks for the quic reply guys.

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beamer if its even close to pro tools it must be some kind of software I have a friend who owns a recording studio all state of the art equipment and technitions to run it I have recorded a number of times and its stll mind boggling smile

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