Topic: Normalizing.. Good or bad?

Hi all
When I mix down multi track stuff to a MP3 or wave I mostly always normalize it's the default setting.
I have mixed down without and can't really find any real difference in the finished track on the kit I use.
So is there any need real for normalizing...
I guess it must do something to the recording else why have it.  smile

Re: Normalizing.. Good or bad?

Ark I used to use that function but after listening to before and after I think it kind of takes the life out of the music I think the different frequencies kind of stamp a individuality to the recording smile

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Re: Normalizing.. Good or bad?

Normalizing is one of those things that can work for you or against you.  Because it increases the signal level, it can also increase the noise on the track, too.  So if you have a less than quiet recording it can cause problems. 

I normalize on the master bus when I mix down multiple songs in order to help each song produce a similar perceived loudness factor, and I also use it on individual tracks if the recorded signal is so low that I cant use the fader to pump it up enough for the rest of the mix.

Bottom line is if it sounds bad, don't use it. If it sounds good, use it.

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Re: Normalizing.. Good or bad?

Thanks guys.
Food for thought. smile

Re: Normalizing.. Good or bad?

I normally nomalise all tracks unless artifacts appear. I normalise to -3db to keep well clear of clipping. The reason I do this is so that if I go back to a master at a later date and want to change part of a track all I need to is normaise it to the same setting and it fits perfectly as far as volume is concerned.

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Re: Normalizing.. Good or bad?

Thanks for the info seriousfun