Topic: What was your first guitar?

It`s that simple. Was it a real one? An emenee or a vintage martin. Did you learn to play on it, My first was a Sears Silvertone acoustic. The sunburst one. I didnt learn ro play on it,but it was my first.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

Ibanez dread. I learned on it but it was hard to play. Got rid of it last year. Don't miss it at all.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

My first was also a Sears Silvertone sunburst archtop.  This was when I was 11 back in 1962.  It was a beautiful guitar.  I didn't learn a lot except for a few chords because I didn't stick with it.  As I recall, it cost $29.00.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

My wife bought me a Harmony F hole dreadnought with her very first paycheck from her new job. It set her back $50 in 1964.
It was good enough to learn on but no more.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

my mom played guitar and got me a Stella acoustic and showed me my first chords  after a few days I was only allowed to play it in the basement this was when Elvis first came out I painted it several ugly colors you could hear me screeching out houndog god it was auful but she smiled and incourgaged me my next was a tele in 1962.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

I have a late 60's Guild Madeira that was a gift for xmas when I was 5. I still play it every day.

Re: What was your first guitar?

In 1981 my dad bought me a very slightly used Takamine f340s and signed me up for lessons.   I think I went to maybe  Gave up sad  Fast forward to '06 when I hired an old friend that played... After a few late night jam/drinking gatherings listening to others pick I had the urge to actually try and learn. In late November '06 my wife bought me a Takamine G530 for our anniversary. Chordie was the first guitar site I used on my journey. Been here ever since smile Playing a touch over 5 years now if you can call it that smile

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Re: What was your first guitar?

My first was also a Sears silvertone Electric around 1963-64. It was a Beatles thing back then.

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Re: What was your first guitar?


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Re: What was your first guitar?

A Yamaha Eterna from Costco.  My wife bought it for me for my birthday 3 weeks before we got married.  I've now got 5 guitars and that's still my only acoustic.  Sounds pretty damn good for $150.

Re: What was your first guitar?

A used Fender Newporter I bought around 1974.  Looked cool but sounded terrible.  Or at least it sounded terrible when i played it.


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Re: What was your first guitar?

A Fender F75 back in the early 80's. I was actually a drummer at the time in a country rock band!


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Re: What was your first guitar?

Christmas 1958 I got a plastic 'Elvis Presley' 4 string guitar from Father Christmas and I learnt on that until the plastic frets wore down but then had to figure what to do on a guitar with 2 too many strings on it. I have just about got the hang of it now smile.


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Re: What was your first guitar?

My first guitar was a Yamaha, I forget what series, it was so long ago, I was a teenager. The funny thing about it was that I had saved up lots of change, $350.00 or so in fact. Lots of my friends played and I decided I had to have a guitar as well. I called the local music shop and told them I wanted a guitar but all I had was change. They told me sure, bring it in and they would help me count it out, so I did. I paid almost the entire $350.00 for the one I picked out. It is the guitar that I learned chords on which helped me later in life when I got serious about playing. I no longer have that particular guitar, but I just thought I'd share that story.


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Re: What was your first guitar?

My first was in 1959. It was a Silvertone arch-top, which I received as a gift for xmas. It played well enough to learn on. It disappeared about 20 years ago, don't know what happened to it. My ex-wife may have turfed during one of our annual spring basement cleanups.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

I think it was a Harmony.  It was my wife's guitar, but she didn't play any more.  So I gave a whack at it.  The neck was twisted, so there was always one string out of tune.  Next was a Stella that was given to me when I helped a friend move.  My sister-in-law said she was interested in learning to play, so I gave that one to her along with a few videos.  Then I bought my sister's Epiphone from her and it was a very, very nice guitar.  A while later, I gave it back to her.  It was more of a face-saving "here's some money to help you get through without it being charity" kind of thing for me.  But I got my feet wet.  Then later I helped another friend move.  He had been widowed.  His wife's boyfriend from just before they were married had been a guitar teacher.  So as we were cleaning out the house, we found five old beaters in a closet.  He gave them all to me, and I gave three of them away, gave one to my daughter, and kept one for myself to learn on.  THAT is the one that I learned to play on, which was a Yamaha classical.  Same guitar nearly everyone everywhere learned to play on.  It was beat to heck, but it tuned up and it sounded good.  That's the guitar that I gave to my sister a couple months ago.  In that mix, I also picked up an Ibanez GS that sounds terrific but I'm not much of an electric kind of guy.  I keep it around because I'm thinking of tuning it to an open G or A and learning slide on it. 

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Re: What was your first guitar?

When I was a kid, my Dad attempted to show me some chords several times.  Likely, it was on his 1950's Fender acoustic, but nothing ever clicked.  I joined Chordie on day ONE of my learning.  I learned for a few weeks on my husband's Wal-Mart Yamaha... then MY first guitar was an Ibanez Classical.  It's only been a few years, so it's still here, although I hardly ever pick it up anymore.  My daughter thinks she might want to play, so I let her mess around with it and occassionally attempt to show her a chord or two.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

Had an acoustic and two electrics as a kid.  Can't remember much about any of them.  Didn't stick with it.  Didn't want to learn, I wanted to be able to pick it up and play.

The first guitar I purchased was a Fender DG-8S in October '10.  Good starter, inexpensive with a solid top.  Pushing 50 and I might finally be mature enough to realize some things take some work.

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Re: What was your first guitar?

My first was a Harmony Stella. My first lesson with the Parks dept. summer program I learned House of the Rising Sun. I've been playing it ever since. My first electric was a red Kalmazoo,it looked identical to a Fender Mustang.

Re: What was your first guitar?

My first real guitar was a 70's Tele copy think it was called a Jedson bought with an amp and with a great ambition to emulate Eric Clapton. Needless to say it was one gigantic pipe dream which fizzled out after a few months. Still got the body of the Tele though the electrics died a death years ago may bring it back to life one day.   smile

Re: What was your first guitar?

First acoustic, I don't even recall it had a name on it.It was like 5th hand and well battered and played like the piece of shite that it probably was. But as a musical hook, it did its job. First electric guitar was an Audition bought brand new from our local F.W.Woolworth. Single pick up as I recall, I couldn't afford one of the more expensive ones in the Audition range of crap guitars.

Re: What was your first guitar?

Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce (2008).
I started playing later than most on this forum.

Actually I did buy a Takamine dreadnought back in 1983/4. Nice guitar from what I can remember. Wish I still had it. Likely sold for beer money.

Re: What was your first guitar?

My first was an Angelica acoustic. quite a nice guitar but I've never heard of the brand since. It was left behind in my flat in my college days 35 years ago, so i adopted it!

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Re: What was your first guitar?

My first was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was in the 7th grade. The JH I attended had a guitar course and I enrolled hoping to become a guitar god. I had a lot of trouble barring and even more trouble practicing. That guitar was a Cauhenga classical. I think the thick neck was one of the reasons I could not barre on it well (and my relatively small hands).

My next was the Epi PR4G A/C my wife bought me last year for Xmas. It was part of a package with amp, strap, etc...

My youngest is learning on my oldest daughter's Symphony(?). We traded on Friday because the one she is learning on is a dreadnought and mine has a smaller body. She told me the same thing my brother (who has a Fender dread) told me: "I would rather play this one...It sounds much better."

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