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Topic: Covering the late great legendary Blaze Foley (authorized)

Who the hell is Blaze Foley?  well I'll include some links (also in the video description on YouTube too) if you want to find out.
Blaze died in 1989 at age 39 without releasing any albums but people are discovering the recordings he left behind and they are amazing.
He was poor and homeless and played the bars in Austin, TX and his friends included Townes Van Zandt and Lucinda Williams.
Yet he remained in obscurity. John Prine, Merle Haggard and Lyle Lovett have each covered a Blaze Foley song.

I decided to cover his tender song "My Reasons Why" and asked his sister for permission and she was enthusiastic.
Then the director of the Blaze Foley documentary movie (yet to be released) e-mailed me some wonderful photos to use for a video!
I chose to cover this song because it was the first Blaze Foley song I heard and convinced me to look deeper and I'm glad I did. Fascinating story and Blaze didn't write one bad song! Problem is not many heard them and when he was alive he wasn't very appreciated.


Now here's the learn more about Blaze Foley part:

Kevin Triplett is the director of the Blaze Foley documentary film "Duct Tape Messiah. Find out more about the film here:

Marsha Weldon (Blaze's sister) has a website for the songs of Blaze Foley here:

For a great book by Sybil Rosen, which recounts her life with "Depty Dawg" (later to become Blaze Foley) during the 1970s, see her website here:

For a great article on the life of Blaze Foley by Writer, Historian and Texan Joe Nick Patoski (published in the Sept.-Oct. 2006 issue of No Depression you can read the full article "The Fall And Rise Of Blaze Foley" here:
http://joenickp.com/music/the-fall-and- … aze-foley/

And last but not least lots of great archival material and links to more information here:

Original Songs on YouTube:   www.youtube.com/thegilsongs
Cover Songs on YouTube:   www.youtube.com/All1Song

Re: Covering the late great legendary Blaze Foley (authorized)

Nice song and great pictures.

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