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Topic: An Inner place

" An Inner Place"

My soul is as the moon
Bigt and bright, full  and white
It rises and it falls
With light it shines, with love it binds.

My heart is as a star
Ever there to see, for love it is the key
It beats foreverr constant
Loning to be seen, who shall see it's gleam?

My love is as the rose
Clothed in scralet red, destined never to be dead
A thorn protects it's weakness
It blooms it grows, with truth it sows

My dreams are like the wind
They fly there free, even if they shall never be
It searches and it looks
At times it feels as a gusty gail, but now they feel very very frail

My hope is like the sea
It is tossed to and fro, how strong it is I do not know
It stretches far and wide
It's deep it blue, feeling alone and askew

My joy is a radient sun
It's warm and golden, sometimes it may be stolen
It's crest luminates the soul
It sings a happy song, to welcoming ears it belongs

: the body is but a door to that which lies  within.

This is one of my favs

Without music life would be a journey through a desert.

I Cor 14:15

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very lovely!  smile
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