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When I see you smile
There is nothing wrong
When I hear you laugh
My heart sings a song
Love was just a word
... Until you came along
There were days when I couldn't see the forest through the trees
And I thank God baby I'm down on my knees
For sending me an angel
When I had lost my way
Perfect just like a snowflake
That never could be stained
When I hold your hand
You hold onto my heart
I'm gonna love you forever
I knew this from the start
Two hearts become one
And never shall they part

Re: untitled #2

nice write tommydone. it feels like your speaking to someone in particular?

will this get put to music?


Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

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yes, speaking to my girlfriend Denise. I stink at song writing. I can sing and play a little but when it comes to writing my own music I am lacking. I'll give it a try though

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I like this poem. Very sweet.

Without music life would be a journey through a desert.

I Cor 14:15

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I like this: simple, direct, to the point, and sweet - what some of the best songs are made of.  has one other quality: 'connectability'... reminds me of someone special.  keep writing! ~T