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Been hearing alot of ads for The Doheny Blues festival comig up in May here in So Cal. I would love to go, but.... So I'm wondering if anyone is planning on attending any fests, paloozas, or even concerts this year. My dream fest is the Telluride Blues n Brews Festival. Someday I'll make it there!

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I volunteer for Wintergrass every year, and I usually take that time to plan out all the other local bluegrass festivals that I will attend, but never do.  I did the Telluride Bluegrass festival in 2004, and it was fantastic.

I've done pretty much every festival held at the Gorge at some point, including Sasquatch, Warped, Lilith Fair and Ozfest.  I also used to do Lollapalooza way back when Janes Addiction still played it.

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I hit the    every year,  a great time. three days of blues, bikes, and BBQ. 

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I'm heading for the Nelsonville Music Fest here in southern Ohio in a few weeks.  I've attended several times but this will be the first year to camp and get in on the nightly pickin' sessions.


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Hey Z, I also would like to see the Telluride fest. Most are fun no matter where they are tho. The music scene here

locally in our little community has really grown over the years. Annually-a bluegrass fest, a Christian music fest,

a Blues Brews and BBQ's fest, and other events featuring music. Just several weeks ago the first annual " Iron Man

Strong Ale Fest took place. A one day event, for now anyway, which our band was one of two providing music.

Sounds as though we will play right in front of this years head liner band at the blues event! Not bad for a recently

thrown together band. Someday I hope to have event pics and vids of us at work---well more like play. wink   Mike

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