Re: What are you doing this summer?

Baldguitardude wrote:

Dino I shot a wild/feral hybrid a couple of years ago and I'm still working my way through the meat!

Bgd you, should always go for a wild pig that is small and young,the bigger and older they are the makes the meat tougher,also if the animal is wounded and runs makes it bad eating,as all the blood etc goes into other areas.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

Re: What are you doing this summer?

Recieving my second degree from Iowa Western Community College May 12th, Associates Degree in Coaching.
Wife and I are going camping in northeast Minnesota over Memorial weekend.
Have a neice getting married in June.
Meeting up with some good friends from the Bradley Smoker forum for the Third Annual Midwest Smokeout July 28th in northeast Iowa.


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