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Has anybody had a pretty large subject, was almot ready to submit it and hit a wrong key and it went away? do i have to go back in my computer and try to revive it or does someone know a short cut?

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If you're looking at a blank screen and haven't touched it since it disappeared then you can try ctrl z. That's the standard undo for most programs.

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Hey I did not know that! thanks for the tip!  big_smile
that has happened to me also.  yikes

“It’s like a Jab, you got the squeeze and you got the attack, you got the guitar and the emotion behind the song. 
You can plug into a Marshall, but if you are not attacking it,  it's just going to sound so-so.  If the song doesn't grove, you are just bashing through chords” .
-- Mike Ness,  Social Distortion

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Thanks zguitar but what?? I can not help myself i do not even give it a minuet and i am loking for it. I remember much i wrote so i can re post it. I beleave it was proably something about how i got in to  playing guitar. really not all the interesting but hell its been going on 35 years since i started making unGodly noise on anything i could pretend was my guitar. As i remenber it went like this:(side note this is the first time i have every wrote this down) i was released from my duty to the free world in Dec of 75. as a side note as if( this is not aleady boring you to tear's) I came back to the states happy as hell. i was heading to the return station still in my Class A's with all of my shinny stuff pinied to my chest only to be called a baby killer by a kid who was about 8. I found my sep-brother who had just got back from his tour and he asked if i knew anything about the guitar. I said not a damn thing and his eyes got wide and said he would help me into the world of the guitar. He had picked i up in the Navy and was 3 to4 years ahead of me.Thus i became his 3 note guitar player in a 2 man band. more of this selfpity, but helpfuly story later.
If you made it this far into my life' and how it turned into a 35 year old love affair between me & my Ovation i will bore you to tears tomorrow. for now stay safe and a shout out to my Sis in the waters outside of the Flordia keys. tomorrow all