Topic: For serious Gibson fans in the Houston area

There is a guitar shop in north Houston which deals primarily in Gibson, Martin and Taylor.  I had been looking into the the Gibson SJ-200 for a few months.  Long story short, I passed and bought a Taylor.  Nonetheless, a friend sent me this video of one of their latest acquisitions.

The last time I was in the store (a month or so ago) they still had it in the display case.  I didn't ask to hold it or play it, but I did ask the guy how much it was selling for.

He told me he would "let it go today" for (a mere) $18,000.

So, if you're (1) in the Houston area (2) a big fan of Gibson, and (3) looking for a reason to take out a third mortgage, this is for you.  smile


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Re: For serious Gibson fans in the Houston area

Awesome looking wood on that thing!!!! But, too gaudy for my taste. Too much fluff. I was getting nervous with him flipping and swinging it around so close to that stucco wall. Scratch/dent = bad.

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Re: For serious Gibson fans in the Houston area

Astro - My job has me traveling to Houston on a roughly monthly basis. In fact, I'll be there on 5/23. I'd love to check out the shop one of these trips and maybe get together to strum a few tunes. I'm typically only in town for a single day / night and don't travel with my guitar, but if you've got the hankering for a meet up, let me know. I've had the opportunity to meet several chordians and have had a blast every time!

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