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Topic: Turntable??

Just curious if any other chordians hang out on Turntable? I've been there a lot the last couple of weeks as I've found it a good place to share music/bands with like minded people....   I was thinking of setting up a room for Chordie members but didn't know if there would be an interest...         

Essentially it's just a cyber room with 5 dj slots (turntables) on a stage.... People hop on stage and play whatever they like and others in the audience (or on stage) can rate it and chat about the music being played.

As an example... My wife and I are hanging out here this morning http://turntable.fm/acoustic_waves

Also as a plus, You can upload original pieces and share them as well smile

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Re: Turntable??

Sounds like a cool idea... only available in the US though *sigh*