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What Planned Tonight Diana,  performed by Merle Haggard, written by, Dave Kirby.  I've watched people cry listining to this.

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A classic and the wife's fav - Unchained Melodies

This is engraved inside my wedding ring (or so she says - I can't read it smile ) - Could Not Ask For More

I kinda like this one - the "la, la, la, love" line kills me - censored version due to the kiddies here -

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topdown wrote:

A classic and the wife's fav - Unchained Melodies

^Heard Lauren Alaina singing that for the first time. Beautiful.

Could not ask for more is beautiful, too.

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beamer wrote:

a favorite since I heard it,

Loving you Sunday Morning by the Scorpions
and the acoustic version

and load it back to back with Still Loving You!

Love 'em Beamer!!!!!!

Listen to your heart - Roxette

All I Want  - Saigon Kick

Love Song  - Tesla

+1 My Girl - Temps

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just heard a song on the oldies station and looked it up--it's awesome! "Never My Love" by The Association.  Anyone got this one in their play list?

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Re: favorite love songs

Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel
Sade - Room 55
Sade - Mermaid
Zero-7 - Distractions
Zero-7 - Destiny


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