Topic: In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Would like to start a musical act here. Have been studying for a while now and have been on stage with a couple of groups in the past. My first group 1970 in Texas, four groups in New Mexico during 1980 through just this last May, 2012. Like to play but do not want any drama queens or dudes, for it has a foul taste and when a person starts getting to dramatic with their fellow band members it just leads to disaster and a fail project. If you might be interested in forming a classic rock and roll band with stepping up through the years with new songs and maybe at some point start writing new music contact me at or leave a message at 505-331-7542.

Re: In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi dino welcome to the site,I am not close by,so I can not jam with you. I would like too say it is not a good idea to put a post out here showing your e-mail and phone number. you should go back and edit the post. People can reply too your post with the area under your name it has your e-mail in it,not out in the open.

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