Topic: Bob Welch Suicide (Fleetwood Mac)

Just found out Bob Welch (founding member)  that played with Fleetwood Mac has committed suicide. … nashville/

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Re: Bob Welch Suicide (Fleetwood Mac)

I just read about that cam,really a shame too loose such a great talent,we seem too be loosing alot of artists this year.

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Re: Bob Welch Suicide (Fleetwood Mac)

Seems like 2 or 3 a week are dying recently.

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Re: Bob Welch Suicide (Fleetwood Mac)

I was wondering about the cause.  The picture of being a burden to your wife as an invalid would not be a pretty one.  I feel badly for his family and friends.

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Re: Bob Welch Suicide (Fleetwood Mac)

Heavy news.


He did it out of love for his wife. He didn't want to burden her in their final years.
So sad...


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