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Topic: White Line

I am looking for the chords to White Line, by Willie P. Bennett.  If anyone knows this song I would appreciate if you could post the chords.  I have the lyrics already.  If you only know the David Wiffen cover version that would also be fine.


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Re: White Line

Someone got these at Fred's Summer Picnic.. not Me.

>>[Gsus] [G] [Gsus] [G]

[G]Cold and lonely on the road,[Gsus] [G] Lord, [D] climb in.
[G]Summer's ;[Gsus] [G] Lord, [D] once again.


CHORUS: [C] Standin' by a [D] midnight ...
[C]'Scuse me...[G]On an' on the [F] endless white line [C] goes.[G]

For Gsus, just drop your first finger on the first fret, second string. - 320013
It sounds like he might be throwing in a Dsus at the end of the lines too. - X00233

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Good job, MKM!

We pronounce it "Guf Coast".
Ya'll wanna go down to the Guf?

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Tks Toots... Just doin my "job"  LOL!

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