Topic: SG vs. V or Explorer

I'm having a bit of a hard time digging my SG. Neck seems WAAAAAAY to wide, even for my larger-than-average hands. I do like the tone and I'm wondering if a Flying V or Explorer will get me the same awesome Gibson sound without needing to buckle my hand around a redwood. Any input?

Re: SG vs. V or Explorer

None, other than I was playing an SG last night, and commented that the neck felt really, really short.  I love that Gibson crunch, but I didn't like the neck, either.  I think it's because I play bass a lot, so I prefer big wide necks.

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Re: SG vs. V or Explorer

I love my SG and mainly cause of the neck,, ( and the Lynch pick up in the bridge  big_smile,

unless you like to stand a lot, dont get the V.   They are cool Hard rocking guitars, but not real comfy for sitting and playing. ( we have a dean V also)   I have always love the feel of the explorer, just no  funds for it( even the eppie).   I would defiantly go for the explorer.

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