Topic: Long time no see guys :)

Hey all, Not been here for a while but I wanted to share something with you and I really hope a few of the new guys read this.

I started using this site about 6 years ago when my mum bought me an acoustic guitar for Christmas. Having no experience at all I decided to learn so bought a book of The Beatles and set to work.

Well that failed, the thing was all messed up didnt understand a word of its so I decided to come on line and try and find some I found this place.

I had a look about and was amazed how easy I found the place, long story short I actually credit this forum with teaching me to play guitar!

Point being, stick around here because you can learn a lot. I'm actually in here to plug my band Papa Hotel, and our 2 new tracks lol so have a listen, I'm the front man of this band and I dont think it would have happened if i hadnt found this place!

Have a listen, I hope this can inspire someone.

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Hey scrimmy - welcome back and don't be a srtanger. Dig those Papa Hotel tunes -you sound great!

Rule No. 1 - If it sounds good - it is good!

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Great songs, scrimmy--I really enjoyed listening to your band!

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I really like Blow. nice harmony and good groove.

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Re: Long time no see guys :)

Tanks folks, appreciate the input trying hard to get these songs out there a bit, I know they arent grade A but they are pretty close and some of my new material will be much better when we get it recorded.

On that note, does anyone know which U.K radio stations you can send music into? Radio 1 have listened to Blow but havent got back to me on whether or not they will play it.