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I`ve got tickets to see Tommy E  next week,really looking forward to it.

Has anyone caught him in concert lately?

also Kenny Rogers is touring here @ the moment,thought about going
but i find it hard to look @ him(all that plastic surgery)
Think i`ll give him a miss!

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Re: Tommy Emmanual

Tommy's a true guitar genius, I've got tickets for him here in the UK in March.


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Re: Tommy Emmanual

Saw Tommy last night in concert    WOW

I didn`t know a guitar could make all those sounds.
If you are into guitars this guy is a must see!   WOW

Some things he did happened so quick ,i kept thinking WOW  what was that he just did.

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Re: Tommy Emmanual

Speaking of Tommy Emmanual I recall watching a special on Les Paul several guitarist were on stage including Keith Richards and Tommy Emmanual it was kind of sad Les Paul was on his last few days of life and didnt really know or remember how great Tommy was but Tommy remembered how great Les Paul was and was very respectful, Les died a few days after the video was shot its like a passing of the guard a great player go's and another takes his place.I have seen both Les Paul in his youth and Tommy play talent wise its a tossup the only difference is Les was gifted with inovation and changed the music industry forever. smile

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