Topic: Some Good Songs on the Uke?

Hey Guys I was just wonderin' I'm heading off to the beach for the Fourth of July and was wanting to know some good songs for the beach. Easygoing melodies would be great, but If it sounds good on the uke, I'd like to learn it. Thanks

Re: Some Good Songs on the Uke?

If you want something laid back, I've got a good sound out of my uke playing Margaritaville. I like how Stairway to Heaven sounds on it too.

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Re: Some Good Songs on the Uke?

Might be a bit late for the reply, but I have found quite a few songs for my baritone uke that are quite easy to play and sound pretty great.

As far as the beach, try "In the summertime" by mungo jerry with a continuous strummin pattern of 1, a (uh) of 2, and 3. Fairly simple to play. … r=itsmeray

Another gem is "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel. Once again, quick and easy. … ecilia.cpm

"Twist and Shout" by the beatles is always popular. … ;id=122350

And as a final pick, go for "Jammin" by good ol' Bob Marley. … p;id=75870

Hope it's not to late, and have a great time strummin.