Topic: RIP Mr "Moon River" Andy Williams

Andy Williams has died aged 84. He is famous for many great memorable songs, but Moon River has to be the most iconic and covered by other artists. RIP

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Re: RIP Mr "Moon River" Andy Williams

He was always known as "The Snappy Dresser" at our house.  RIP Snappy Dresser.

- Zurf

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Re: RIP Mr "Moon River" Andy Williams

I grew up listening to him.  He was a gre singr

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Re: RIP Mr "Moon River" Andy Williams

Great singer and entertainer,sad he is gone.

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Re: RIP Mr "Moon River" Andy Williams

A sad loss to the world of music.


As an aside and for interest. In the UK it was Danny Williams that had the big with Moon River and his is still my favourite version.