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I am back after an absence of almost 2 years, I conquered my demons, I am a clean, sensitive man, but stronger than a tree

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Screw those demons anyway.  You don't need them.  I've always enjoyed your perspective and am glad you're back.

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Wecome back Lieven, glad you are much improved.


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Glad to hear it and good to see you again.

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Always good to have a Doc around!!!!!

Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

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missed you on here Phil. nice too see your back.

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Welcome back Doc..

badeye    cool

one caper after another

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Welcome back...been too long!!!!!!!!

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This place is so different from the other forums I am familiar with (not a bad thing)where you chat back and forth regularly. If someone misses a day or two you wonder what's wrong.But on chordie it's more about the music (as it should be) and you can be gone a couple of years and not be missed. It's not that we don't care, we just don't realize it's been a while since a member has posted. I feel guilty for not missing Doc and others in their absence.   Welcome back and keep in touch.

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I only have two forums that I have checked constantly since getting into them,, This one,, and my Bonnevilleamerica forum.  I actually find that once I have had a few discussions with a few ppl,, I do miss hearing what  they have going on.  I also know LIFE does get in the way,, a lot.  So be it music  or motorcycles, We stray away and when we come back its like just another day or two of being gone.
So even I f I have not talked with you b4, Welcome back.

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