Topic: Tuning for slide guitar

I am having an operation on my fretting hand soon and will be out of action for 3 months or more so thought I would play around trying to learn the slide guitar. Would someone tell me what tuning to use please to make it easy for a novice, like standard tuning, drop D etc. Thanks

Re: Tuning for slide guitar

Open chord tuning like open e or open g.

Re: Tuning for slide guitar

Both open E and G are fine I also like to tune it to an A chord and for a change Am  just drop the C# on the 2nd fret B string to the first fret another idea would be tuning to open D but that could cause a problem raising the E string to F# and the B string to D  but raising the G string to A should be no problem and dropping the low E to D it sounds more blusey or even country but it depends on the guage of strings your useing if there 09 11 15 it should not be to much of a strain smile

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