Topic: If You Get There Before I Do

Cover of an old country song I heard on the radio and since I liked the song, I decided to record it and share it.  Hope you like it!  It has a great story and I am a sucker for a great storyline.

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Re: If You Get There Before I Do

Nice cover Jim.  Actually that song is not that old.  It was a hit by Collin Raye in 1991.  Written by Max Barnes and Skip Ewing (Skip also penned "The Gospel According to Luke" - one of my all-time favorites)

Hope all is going well for you.


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Re: If You Get There Before I Do

Nice song jim,your vocals sound great for that tune.

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Re: If You Get There Before I Do

Very nice song and your guitar and singing are right on as usual.  Sounds great buddy.

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