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1) How do you strum ?   only with fingers no pick or 50/50 what percent?

2) Do you strum mostly over the sound hole or up on the neck

3) Has anyone noticed dents or grooves on the fret bars especially 1st 2nd and 3rd under the  the 1st 2nd and 3rd strings.

4) Has anyone every bought strings and found they were packaged wrong.  I think someonr messed up and put the 1st and 2nd string in the wrong bag.

Re: 4 questions

1 - Probably 80% pick, 25% fingers - or something like that

2 -My guitar has an offset sound hole, so it's probably not relevant. I strum where my hand lands with my arm comfortable.

3 - My buddy Toney (who plays a lot) gets a refret on his gigging guitar about once a year. Most frets are made of nickel which is pretty soft. My main guitar has SS frets and I don't see much wear at all.

4 - never - although I have experienced missing a string from a set a time or 2.

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Re: 4 questions

1. I strum with pick mostly.  When I use my fingers, I generally use fingerpicking patterns in lieu of strumming.  There are a few songs where I will strum with fingers down and thumb on the way up, which works to get some neat fast rhythms.  I'd say 75-80% of my strumming is with a pick though.

2. Mostly over the sound hole.  Sometimes when using fingers, I'll move up the neck to get a little different sound.  I enjoy banging out rhythms when strumming and am looking for volume, which mostly leads to strumming over the sound hole. 

3. Yep. 

4. I expect someone has.  I haven't. 

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Re: 4 questions

1. Mostly with a pick, as I'm usually looking for volume, and also I seem to have more strummming versatility when using a pick.

2. Usually over the hole. Up the frets gives you a lighter less mellow sound which is cool sometimes.

3. Yes

4. no

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Re: 4 questions

1. I use a pick for strumming and flat picking 90% and finger pick 10% of the time.

2. I'll play over the sound hole most of the time. Sometimes I play up towards the neck or down towards the bridge to get the sound I want.

3. Yea, fret wear is normal. Re-fretting is possible.

4. Never experienced a packaging problem.

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Re: 4 questions

1. I don't know how to fingerpick so it's all pick strumming for me.

2. Over the soundhole and towards the bridge.

3. I have a Yamaha that has a lot of wear on frets 1-5. It doesn't affect me at this point. When it does, it'll need a fret job.

4. Nope.

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Re: 4 questions

1. 90% fingers and 10% pick...

2. Mostly over the soundhole but really depends on the sound I'm looking for.

3. Mine wear pretty even all over the board but there's always a little more in the first 4-5.   I've done 2 complete refrets and one partial in the past 6 years. (not all that was my play wear though)..

4.  Nope... Never had any trouble with strings

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Re: 4 questions

1. 80% finger -- kind of a frailing thing I guess.  It facilitates picking a bit of the melody here and there.  Pick would work too if I could ever get the technique nailed down.

2. mostly over the sound hole but working on some more forward and back for different tone.

3. some fret wear but pretty minimal to date ... all are fairly new though and what little I play gets spread over several guitars.

4. Never had string problems like that either.

Re: 4 questions

1. mostly with a pick - unless fingerpicking, or doing a combo of fingerpicking and strumming
2. over the soundhole
3. not yet
4. not yet

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Re: 4 questions

1)  About 80% flat pick, about 20% metal finger picks although the last few months about 50% of the songs I've been writing sound better finger-picked

2) Over the sound hole, sometimes nearer the bridge

3) Some fret wear. About every 3rd string change I use a small fret file to take out flat spots.  Eventually I'll need to re-fret.

4) Never had a problem.


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Re: 4 questions

On acoustic I use a pick normally but I also fingerpick some,I'm working on a Travis picking style book at the moment that is fingers and thumb.One nice discovery was playing slide blues without a pick it really changes the tone nice more mellow I use this on both electric and acoustic,I found a useful place to put the glass slide on my strat,I put a small strip of velcro on the slide and on the cutaway it lets me switch very far as strumming it depends on the tone I want as to where I strum smile

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Re: 4 questions

1 & 2, it depends on what sound i want for any particular song or part thereof. i use pick or finger pick at different times in any particular song and position over the sound hole, near the bridge or on the neck . i have even developed a style (unintentionally) where i use a pick and pluck with my fingernail at the same time, it gives a different sound, which i use on the high part of .

3, i got terrible dents where you mentioned on the strat, which has a rosewood neck, also the neck behind the same frets have worn. i'll sell it one day and let the buyer have a discount so he can get it re-fretted.

4, i usually buy strings that are colour coded. if there's one missing or something, i'll send the whole lot back for a refund.


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Re: 4 questions

100% pick, never learned finger picing, might fumpble around with it sometimes and try to fake it, but usually strum with a pick and use pick on strings like a finger pick.

Sometimes, when I notice it, I get a neck adjustment and polish.

2&3 nope.

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