Topic: Looking at old guitars when they were new.

In old movies and TV shows, have you ever noticed the old guitars people were playing. Especially the old Elvis movies. You can find some really cool instruments in these movies. I have seen Elvis playing a doubleneck Gibson. This morning I saw Tennessee Ernie Ford playing a cool Gibson on The Lucy Show. The old Frankie and Annette movies always had some band playing surf music in the background. The plots may have been lame but there are some cool vintage guitars to be seen in these movies. Even Bobby Vinton and Jackie DeShannon were in a surf movie that had a band playing  fenders. Try it. You may like what you see. Also Hee Haw had some cool instruments.

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Re: Looking at old guitars when they were new.

I always try too see what they are playing in these old movies,looks like mostly gibsons,fenders. I like it when I come across an old hee haw with Roy Clark,he is a great player!! Andy Griffith played an old Martin.

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