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Topic: your countries national song?day


Listening to the radio today they played` Four Strong Winds`
they said it was judged the best song in Canada.

In New Zealand the song voted best song is called `Nature`

What is the best song in your neck of the woods????

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Re: your countries national song?day

I'll shamelessly plug "My Life Revolves Around Pee".

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Re: your countries national song?day

I'm going to go with "I Think I'll Drink a Beer."

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Re: your countries national song?day

Four Strong Winds is one of my gig night songs. Ian Tyson wrote that song in the early 60's, and recorded it with his now former wife Sylvia. Neil Young's version is not my favourite, although it is probably the most widely listened to version. Simple song to perform, but, its simplicity allows for personal interpretation of it. It's my wife's favourite song from my playlist.

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Re: your countries national song?day

For me its Gordon Lightfoot's   "Canadian Railroad Trilogy"  ....that's Canada..

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Re: your countries national song?day

the song i relate to mostly is; "I think I'll drink a beer then my world revolves around pee" it's an age thing (so they tell me).

my favourite Welsh song would be "Sospan Fach" which means "small saucepan" but for some reason is the anthem of my home town Llanelli, in South Wales UK

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Re: your countries national song?day

Arlo Guthrie- coming into Los Angeles

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Re: your countries national song?day

joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Arlo Guthrie- coming into Los Angeles

+100  Thanks J3, I loved this song when I heard it the first time I saw the Woodstock movie at 13.

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Re: your countries national song?day

Seriously though, do we have a "best song in America" thing?  If so, I've never heard of it.  If not, then it comes down to individual opinions.

From time to time I hear radio stations have "all time greatest song" countdowns (usually around New Year's Eve and I'm not sure how it's determined) and Stairway to Heaven is usually #1 followed by A Day in the Life.  Not saying I agree, it's just what they say.

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