Topic: fascist tabs

Was browsing some the site today and came across a tab by the band Race War. They're a virulently racist, in fact outright fascist, band that spew vile lyrics. I, and I'm sure many others on this site, would like it, and any other tabs promoting fascist ideology or racism removed from the site.

I don't know what process you have for submissions, but perhaps it needs looking at to make sure such offensive dross doesn't make it onto the site in future. I'm sure your users and advertisers would not like to be associated with such guff.

Re: fascist tabs

i agree with you wholeheartedly, i despise racism and the like. if i found any racist garbage i would hit the "REPORT " button or make a complaint directly to ADMIN. having said that you've made a good start by bringing it to our attention here. well done, i hope something can be done to keep this drivel off CHORDIE.


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Re: fascist tabs

After reading the initial post I looked for the song but I could not see it. I only got this message: Sorry. Someone has asked for this song to be removed from Chordie. The removal request was received 2009-06-19 14:15:00. If you think this removal request is invalid, please contact

So according to this the song had been unavailable for three and a half years but if it is visible to you can you please post the URL where you saw it. Thank you.