Topic: Is it too much to ask

for a little guitar time?

For the past year it seems like I can't squeeze out an hour to play. Two nights a week are a regularly scheduled interruption, so I know I won't be playing those nights. Any other night I should be able to, but something always jumps in and takes my time. I've been getting home a little later than I'd like to so that pushes everything else back also. Tonight I had to do some invoices so I can get paid and figure out a lumber list for a patio cover after I got home at 6pm. Off to do the dishes after I write this. All last week I had to deal with the stupid new cable boxes and re-programming our universal remote. That took a lot of time. My son goes to bed at 8:30, so by the time I get home, eat, and deal with other stuff it's already almost 9pm. There just aren't enough hours in the day.  URGH!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me rant!!!!

(I could have been playing instead of posting this)

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Re: Is it too much to ask

I think all of us with young familys feel the pain as you do..  In my case its too late to play anything except my electric with the headphones on.  yea its fun for a little while, but not as fulfilling as an amp and room ambiance.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

I have the same problem. After working 11-13 hours nonstop, I am too beat and sore to pick up a guitar. I hate it but that`s the way it is.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

It's the stage of life we're in.  I find time, but I am extremely fortunate to work from home and therefore I get to recover all that commute time, and also I can knock out a song during a break which can't be done in most work environments.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

Unfortunatley, that is life.  You just have to make time, as hard as it is sometimes.  Since I retired, I now have all the time in the world, which is nice.  I hope you don't have to wait until you retire to find the time, but it's something to look forward to.  Good luck bud.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

Since I retired I too have all the time but the key ingredient is motivation unfortunatly as you age you are less motivated wierd.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

i too have retired, but my wife rations me to a few hours after 6.00 PM while the soaps are on TV, then that jungle prog. i normally manage an hour while i'm waiting for her to get herself beautiful when we go (urgh) or for a few wobbly pops!

i'm thinking of making this retirement thing a career, do you think it might catch on?

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Re: Is it too much to ask

You got my vote Phill. Spread the word.  I shouldn't have said I have all the time in the world, because my wife stays on me too, but I sneak time all day long.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

I see that you are in a busy time and have too do what you need too before you can play some,I know how that goes,I am a bachlor and I have a home that I take care of pay my bills set appts,take care of pets do yardwork,go shopping clean house,laundry etc and whatever turns up.I am also taking a couple of collage classes. so I sometimes find it hard too get to my guitar some days.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

Gang, here's some hard truth for you.  Please don't take it the wrong way because it's meant with love and respect.

I am not retired, but expect to be within the next 5 years.

I've been working for the same company for 26 years, including all of my married life (21 years so far).  And I have worked hard.

My wife (who also happens to be my soul mate) has not worked outside our home for several of those years.  I don't begrudge her that privilege.  She raised a fine son (whose scholarships enabled her to quit working) and I am most proud of him.  She made a home which is my refuge.  I would walk through the fires of hell for her.

Having said that, my father retired when he was 62 and died before his 64th birthday.  I resolved a long time ago that would NOT be me.  I'm getting out of the rat race ASAP.

I said all of that to say that when I retire, the MAJORITY of my time will be MINE.  I think I've earned it.  And for those of you retirees who think I'm naive, it's your OWN fault for not making it happen.  Live YOUR life.  You only get one.  Just ask my father.  Oh wait, you can't.  He's DEAD.

The point is this:  If you don't MAKE the time to do the things you WANT to do, it won't happen.  Play your guitars and don't feel guilty about it.  Guitars are proof that God loves us and WANTS us to be happy.  Who are we to disobey?

Again, please don't take this the wrong way.  I do realize that every person's situation is unique, but I stand by my "point" above.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

I really can't complain. I had just gotten so used to playing at LEAST 4 days a week. Now that I have no time it just frustrates me. I will be playing tonight as I got home a little early today. I'm fortunate enough to have a few 'tars and I know the joy of making some sort of sound with them so I am blessed.

It's all about relative perspective.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

I only get to play at church or at work.
Guess I shouldn't complain...the wife has that covered already.

Well, I guess at this point the goal is to die with as few regrets as possible.


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Re: Is it too much to ask

Couldn't agree more Astrronomikal. I've known for years that a lot of people die shortly after they retire.  I think the biggest cause of this, although not in every case, is boredom, nothing to look forward to, such as playing guitar and learning new songs.  I look forward to tomorrow every day so I can get up and play and learn that new song I found.  It keeps me wanting more.  And that is the key to living longer.

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I have finally found happiness in my life.  Guitars, singing, beer and camping.  And they all intertwine wonderfully.

Re: Is it too much to ask

Yeh, there is never enough time for guitar play'n. Usually I'll get in an hour or so in the evening, or on a wet weekend. I'll make the most of any time when the rest of the family is out. Us and friends also have regular music party nights such as St Patricks Day (for Irish music), Robbie Burns birthday (for Scottish music, RB poetry, and whisky and haggis). My son has a very heavy rock band, so every now and then i take a trip down 1970's rock memory lane and join in on some retro stuff. As Astro says, you gotta make the music while u can.

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Re: Is it too much to ask

I'm retired now so I have plenty of time, but I'm shocked how long it takes me to do things. Oil changes that used to take 15 minutes takes an hour now.  Small carpenter jobs that I used to knock out in 2 hours takes all day. And I'm sleeping more (6+ hours a day) then I ever did.

When I was young, I worked full time, helped coach my kid's (4 of them) ball teams (also helped them with their homework, etc), raced canoes, paddled whitewater, kept a couple acres mowed, did my own auto repair, built a house on the side to sell every few years and still found time to play my guitar for a half hour or so nearly every evening.  I guess I was lucky to be one of those folks that did well on 4-5 hours sleep.


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Re: Is it too much to ask

I'm single and am self employed. I have lots of time to play but don't seem so motivated anymore. 

I wish I'd play more but it is an age thing. 

It's a dang shame is what it is....................

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Re: Is it too much to ask

Astro, you are absolutely right...

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