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Still can't seem to bring it all together, any info would be helpful.

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Hi steveco,welcome here,could you be more spicific as too what you are trying too do, and how much you know,what kind of insterment etc. then we can help you more.

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Hello, Well I know most of my major and minor cords barr cords and some of the pentonics and some of the scales. I can play a few songs but it seems like i am still not getting it. It's hard to explain. I have been trying for a few years now on and off. I play a les paul (epiphone).

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It sounds like you're only learning to play licks and riffs. To feel accomplishment you need something with substance. Maybe try picking up an acoustic. Learn some rhythm and then add some lead to it. At this point I only play acoustic and it is really cool to look back at how hard I thought something was in the beginning. I have hit a plateau but I find myself trying harder and diff tings to keep me going.

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Stevco it looks like you are doing the right type of learning,but you need too play some music along the way,maybe if you look you will find some of the songs you like to play by searching the artist catagory and find a few easy ones too strum the chords too. There are also beginners songbooks in the public books section here, many of the members here will also give you Ideas on who tooplay in the beginning. Creededance clearwater has alot of easy tunes,and the beatles and bob dylan also have some easy ones.I know I would not have gone on too play if I did not have some songs too play along the way. If you do alot of on and off you should not be off for very long the more you practice daily the more you will get ahead,also Zguitar has an great point about using an acoustic.

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The key words here (your words) You have been trying for a few years on and off.  I did that same thing for many years and still was no better than when I started.  Not until I really got interested and practiced every day did I start to see my self getting better.  Progress takes quite a bit of interest and lots of work.  There is no reason you can't enjoy playing while you are working hard toward getting better.  It sounds as if you are having a hard time keeping interested in what you are doing.  Continue practicing scales and chords, but as they said above, try to fit all of what you are learning into an actual song.  Pick some of your favorite songs and start there.  Then go to Youtube and watch as many covers of that song as you can find. You will find that watching others play and sing the same songs will help a lot. I am guessing you are not a singer or you would find that singing along with the chords to a certain song will give you a feeling of accomplishment after awhile.  I am not very helpful perhaps, but do take these things into consideration and the best of luck to you.  Of course feel free to keep asking questions.

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Gidday Steveco

Sounds like you are making it over complicated.
find a song,play the chords and make it your own.

HAVE FUN!!! thats what it`s all about

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Hey steveco! I play both electric and acoustic and go back and forth between the two to keep fresh. I found out quite early in my playing, when I started two years ago, that I am not a lead guitarist so I play rhythm with just a bit of lead. I don't know enough about music theory to help and mu fingers are too slow. Sure, I do some lead riffs but only the easier ones. If they get too difficult I cannot do them fast enough.

You know what? I'm ok with that. I can play the songs I want to play and have found out that I am fairly good at developing different arrangements of songs so I put my own stamp on them. It is also nice when I get with my brother and my nephew. the nephew plays lead and my brother and I play rhythm so we can all participate in different ways.

Instead of trying to concentrate on lead switch to rhythm. You may find it more satisfying.

Good luck!

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Thank you everyone! I really am thankful for everyone's input! I will take all of it and keep on truckin. Thanks everyone!

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I will say what the rest have as to finding some songs to jam to. What I alsway go back to are simple 3 - 4 chord basic jams that can be played barred or open.  Dont worry if its an electric, I am 180 out from most and say learn electric and then go acoustic.  It is easier to play and more fun on the amp, I also like the acoustic but it was easier to learn how to move around on the electric and then work out the acoustic stuff.   Her are a few songs to play, even without the lead, you can do alot by different strum patterns and accents.  open or barred or combine the two.

Stepping Stone by the Monkeys:
(A lot of fun to jam on) E (open) G (barred) A(open or barr across second fret) C (actually a C5,  2 or 3 finger barr chord)

All along the Watchtower -( Dylan & Hendrix) Am G F G Am (the way I learned it)
and in Bm

Hey Joe (basic w/ out the intro) C G D A E
and a lesson on it

Rock in the USA (John Melloncamp) / What I like about you (The Romantics) / Cherrie cherrie(Neil Diamond)  E A D A Listen for the changes.

As always You Tube is a gereat resource. … ure=relmfu papa power chords lesson … mp;list=UL --- PETTY ---EASY … ure=relmfu  (really cool pentatonic practice tips) … re=related rainbow in the dark

hope this helps

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