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I just started mother by pink Floyd what a great song the f chords at the start of a verse lots of time to get there

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Hi Fire art
The full F barre chord is usually the first one to crack so it's going to that time to nail down and practice is the only way to do it.
You could try the shorten version of the chord if you want but depends on the song.
anyway good luck.

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Hold on Fire art! The practicing will result in conquering the F chord. You need to strengthen those specific muscles. A change between two or three chords will result in an automatic grip. Good luck!

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Mother was one of the first songs I learned. It was easy except for the C to F change in the chorus. The change was slow ue to going from the open C to the barre F. Two things helped with this for me:

Learn to just use barre chords for the song. This way you go from the barre G to Barre D, Barre G to Barre C (which is the same shape as the Barre D just on the third fret not the fifth) and the Barre f is the shame shape as the Barre G with the barre on the first fret for the F and the barre on the third fret for the G.

There is an easy open F type chord that is easy to get to from the open C (please bear with me on this tab):

e 1------------------------------
B 1-----------------------------
G 2----------------------------
D 3------------------------------
A -----------------------------
E -----------------------------

In this f chord you are only moving two fingers down from the A string to the D string an from the D string to the G string, (Sorry, got it wrong and realized my mistake later). I only mute the high E string (first string). The sound is not as clear as it would be if you actually fretted the "e" but it does work admirably in this case and makes the chord change almost instantaneous.

Give it a shot and you will find it much easier.

Also work on learning the barre shapes. If you are familiar with the notes on the fret board you will find using the barre's in place of open chords can lead to much quicker chord changes as it is easier to move the hand up and down the fretboard. I try to learn all muy songs with open chords and barre chords.

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I don't read or write music nor do I understand the process.  However, I have a book of Beatles songs that includes supposedly authentic transcriptions with their notations/instructions to follow when playing each peice.  coupled with some rather difficult chords and changes, the notations, at least to me, render these songs extremely challenging to handle.

Except for the F Chord.  In virtually every instance, they opt for the easiest open version played on the first four strings and this certainly makes changes from C (and others) easier.  Having said that, I use both open and barred versions to suit the peice I'm playing.

Postscript: My mistake.  After going back and reviewing the above mentioned book, I realized they use the fully barred F just as often as they use variations.  Selective perception is alive and well in my pointy head.  Sorry.

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It'll come, Fire Art ...

Floyd uses F's, F#'s, and F#m's in a number of their tunes so the barre version will better serve to develop their repertoire. Before long (with practice) you'll be playing it well in either shape without even thinking about it. You'll just naturally go with what's right / needed for the song. Personally, I find the transition from an open "C" to an open "F" easier than using the barred "F" ... all depends on whether or not you need the bottom E" string. If you can learn to invert your knuckles on the index and middle fingers, you'll find some of these things get easier in shorter time.

Sounds like you're really going at it; you must be pleased with the progress you've made already, so stay with it ......... :-)

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you might try the barre chords a couple frets up the neck (a capo might help).  Not so much stretching going on and as you get something you are kind of happy with, back on down and you'll find your fingers are a little more cooperative (maybe;)