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Last night went to brother in laws house and played with him and a neighbor three distink styles plays load hard strums the other guy picks notes I play soft strums to notes. It would take a "lot of playing together to make any of what we played sound good" we sounded ok doing are own thing. The note picker is the best player of us three but has been playing for years. Brother in law playing a year me three months

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Maybe you should get toghter more often,it is always good too keep in practice and learning from other players.

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That's great encouragement.  Keep up the good work.  Get out and play with as many folks as you can as often as you can. 

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Re: First play out of bedroom

Well done for playing outside of the bedroom after 3 months, it took me 10 years!! No kidding.

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lol me too H.  well more like 30 years.

Keep an eye on the Chordie Chat Corner thread for a Skype "Jam"  It's a blast and just a totally supportive gang.  You'll think "...we'll see how it goes" and before you know it hours have evaporated and you're hooked.

I'd still rather run for cover but at last the heart palpitations are sub-critical.

Jam on!