Topic: Get Up Kid, by The Wilders

Here's a cover , done recently with a Zoom Q3HD , I was playing guitar through a Genz Benz Compak 300 Acoustic Amp and used a Sennheiser 835 dynamic mic. I couldn't find the tabs and lyrics so some of the lyrics probably aren't exactly right but............

Later, Wayne P

Re: Get Up Kid, by The Wilders

I am not familiar with the song but it sounds good.  Through these cheap speakers at the office I couldn't hear the guitar much.  Could't turn it up very loud....

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Re: Get Up Kid, by The Wilders

Not familiar with the song Wayne, but I am a fan of what you do!  I am lucky to try and play and sing together, let alone play, sing and then add in the harmonica.  Nice Job!  I enjoyed it.  And; I like the blue guitar; if for nothing else what it stands for in terms of promoting music with the grandaughter.

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