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I am a masterful woodworker and would like to build my own guitar.  All advice would be appreciated


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Hi, can't give you any advice but if you want inspiration then google zemaitis. Tony Zemaitis was a master luthier and made some fantastic guitars, Art

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If your building an electric guitar the bigest challange will be the neck its easier to order one online my advice would be to do so only because most necks have a truss rod adjustment screw that runs the entire length of the neck and can adjust the neck for bowing.I practically built my stratocaster,new neck,wireing and tuning keys the body was sanded to the grain and re painted there are plans on the internet for most of the major brands Gibson,Fender and you can order the pickups,wireing,neck and hardware(bridge,tuning keys control knobs screws) the same way good luck and lets see some photos when you complete smile

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Try Ultimate (sorry Chordie just trying to help out). they have a dedicated forum for guitar building which includes pics and vids of guitars being built. I agree that the hardest part is the neck, especially a set or set-through type neck. Gibson type necks are harder due to the angle of the neck and the headstock.

I, too, am thinking of building my own electric guitar and am mulling over how I want to do it. If you are going to build a certain style then follow the suggestion of Russell and get plans on the internet.

Much discussion goes into the type of wood used for the body: Mahogany, alder, ash, etc...and whether or not the type of wood actually matters in an electric. Many of the cheaper guitars are made of plywood or "composite" and cheaper woods that are covered by a thick finish. Danelctro made guitars out of Masonite and plywood. They are, now, highly desired guitars (go figure). There are those who think that the type of wood does not matter but the sound is in the electronics. It is up to you to decide how you are going to go. I plan on making my first out of pine as it is cheap and if I screw up it will not cost much to replace. If it works then I will have proved one side right and one side wrong.

good luck and post pics as you go along.

Re: building electric guitar

for your first effort you might want to try a kit, first check this out,  it will help you along the way and build skill level.

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