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Topic: New here...

Hello friends..!!!
I'm Richard Johnson and, I'm newbie here, today i join this forum, and i read some thread of this forum, according to my personal view, it's really nice forum, in this forum have lot's of information and, I'm here for getting more general information, guys if you have some proper information about this forum so, please share with me, and keep it up..
Shuck Restaurant

20  Tedder  Ave  Main Beach QLD 4217 Australia

Phone: +61 7 5528 4286


Located on the Gold Coast at Main Beach on the famous “Tedder Avenue”, Shuck Restaurant & Shuck Bar is the perfect corner position for people watching, whilst enjoying a cocktail or some of our wonderful food.

[url=http://shuck.com.au/]gold coast dining[/url]

Re: New here...

Howdy I'm Also new and have gotten some great advise here. I think the mods here try real hard to help and the experienced are all great

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