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I've been here a month know gotten tons of advise and it's all been good I'm a 51 year old 4 h live stock leader I'm a drawing artist I'm learning guitars I live in Jackson wy. And to pay the bills I'm a master plumber I own 2 guitars acoustic and electric been learning since September. Hunter fisherman own 2 horses  whew I'm busy.

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Hi F.A., I know you have been around a little while and we have already passed comments but as you have come to 'Chat' specifically to introduce yourself I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the Chordie family.

Some of us have been playing guitar a long time (my first one had dinosaur gut strings) and others not so long, but all the Members are friendly and helpful which make this such a pleasant place to visit, whether it be for a serious, deep and meaningful discussion on music theory or some light hearted banter here in 'Chat'.

Enjoy Chordie,


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Welcome, Fire art!

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We're all glad to have new people join in.  It is a great place to discuss everything music and other off the wall stuff as well.  We welcome you and hope you stick around Fire Art.

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Glad you found the chat room. once again, Welcome.

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