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I really like the song "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie lately, and I was wondering if anyone knew any songs that are similar to it? Like, slow, minimal percussion, meaningful lyrics. I personally the Drive by Incubus is close, but alas, no cigar. Help?

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Go to and type in "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" as a seed song for a radio station.  It will likely find some additional songs and artists you will enjoy.

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I've tried that - I don't think they're close enough.

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Sounds a lot like "How to Save a Life" by The Fray:

Only not as good.  smile

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Depending on where you are, you should try the left side of the FM radio dial. From 88 to 92. There is a whole world of public radio there. In my area there is WUMB, WERS, WCUW and WCHC.  At certain times they have some kind of great music. It is a matter of finding their schedules or hitting them at the right time. Check in your area to see and keep an open mind. You may be surprised at what you come up with.

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