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I wanted to change my songbook to list by artist, i get it to change but then it won't save it, it reverts back to the original order. between this and not being able to save chord variations it ruins a rather good evening.  Good program besides these seemingly simple bugs.

Re: changes in songbook

Hi blaster and welcome to the forum,I do not think you can save them the way you describe,you may want too ask the admin.

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Re: changes in songbook

Hi Blaster and welcome to the Chordie forum,

I do not have the answer to either of these questions. I suspect that the song order may be a relatively simple thing to fix but the chord variation far more difficult. However, as I am not a software programmer, I may be completely wrong smile.

I have written to Per (the site owner) and asked these questions for you; I will post the answers here as soon as I get them.


Re: changes in songbook

Thanks Roger