Topic: Error with Artists button

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I get the above message every time I hit the Artists button. I've never seen this before. I can only maneuver using the Arrow back/forward buttons to get to the Artists page. It actually took me all day to figure out how to even get Chordie to come up. Is Chordie experiencing problems?

Re: Error with Artists button

It seems to me the home page defaults to the Artists button when you log on. From there you simply browse by artist by hitting a letter. That said, I just switched from forum, resources, etc to Artists with no problems.

Chordie was down for a while earlier today - seems to be working fine.

If your problem continues, I suggest you email along with screen shots of the errors and details of your OS and Browser.

Good Luck!

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Re: Error with Artists button

Thanks Topdown. I just checked it again and I'm still experiencing the same problem. If I go from Forum, resources, etc to Artists I get this error message. I have to either use the back button or go to my bookmark pull down and reenter.  I don't seen to have any problems with any thing else. I'll give it awhile and if it doesn't correct itself I'll do as you suggested.

Thanks again.

Re: Error with Artists button

I just checked it again and I'm still experiencing the same problem.

Re: Error with Artists button

May I suggest clearing your cache and temporary files and then restarting your computer?  It's possible your browser could have the page image saved and is displaying an older image.  If the problem continues, contact - I am not having any issues today myself.

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