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How many hrs dose it take wear out your frets and is a 125.00 good price to have them fixed

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125 for filing and crowning?

I've found lots of guitars are sold with crappy fret work. I just had to have a nearly brand new GibsonES335 crowned due to the fact that it came from the factory in bad condition...and that was a $2k guitar.

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It depends on what type of frets you have. Stainless steel, nickel steel, copper alloy. They all wear differently. The harder you strum, the harder you fret, the more you use a capo, the more you bend, are all contributing factors to faster fret wear. The most common fret wire used is the nickel steel (nickel silver).

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So what I think is being said is, we dont really know. LOLOL have you asked around or just the one quote?  Let us know what you find out.

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I have had to have the frets filed and crowned a couple of times on my Takamine a couple of times. This is the guitar that i play almost all the time and it costs me in the neighbor hood of $125.00 to have this done with a complete "set-up" and new strings. Each time I have had this done I am amazed at the improvement it makes. You can check your frets for wear by loosening the strings (or removing them) and running your fingernails over them. Most common frets for wear will be 1 thru 5 - where most open chords are played.