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Topic: Pick Pix

Inspired by the faster strumming thread....

Long story short I started thinking about pick hand technique.  I expose almost no pick, pinky anchor, and use really heavy picks. Here's a pic of my pick grip:


Until the faster strumming thread came up I didn't really give this much thought at all. Never really noticed how little pick I use. I asked my bass player about it last night and he said he always thought it looked weird lol.

What's your technique?

Re: Pick Pix

Hey BGD -  I gotta say, I sort of hold a pick that way as well..  problem is my thumb sometimes splits open from just that.  I've come to realize its the way I hold the pick..  after many, many years of playing this way..  well, I don't see it changing.  I did however change to a heavier pick.  A little better but I have a feeling it will be this way.  Its worse in the winter... when hands are chapped, etc.   We all have our techniques and downright set in our ways huh..   keep up the strum.

Re: Pick Pix

Looks like I'm doing it all wrong;

I use my thumb, and both the index and middle finger to hold the pick, with a very slight amount of the point protruding. This was an adaptation from years ago, when I was constantly losing grip on the picks and sending them across the room or into the sound hole. The move to softer picks was to accommodate this firmer grip, but at least I can play a song through without pick-less interruptions. I've noticed that bassist Chris Squire (Yes) holds his pick this way, and suspect it's because of having big hands ... also my problem.

Re: Pick Pix

Got to say, that's the way I hold a pick too.

Short anecdote; I used to play in a band with a guy that would collect my broken picks, slice them smaller so they were just splinters, and play some "smoking" guitar licks.

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