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I been practicing the stinken B chord for a couple of weeks now and it dosnt sound half bad now most the songs i play it follows an A then gose to an E i will beat ir die trying

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Re: update stinking B

Dude.. On E, A, B songs, just barre that E shape and move it on up to A on the 5th and B on the 7th - easy peasey!

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Re: update stinking B

you will do it it takes some time it did for me,it is well worth it as I can play alot more of my favorite songs now.

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Re: update stinking B

What TD said!


you could bar the "D - G - B"  strings with your index finger at the 2nd fret and place your pinky on the high "E" string on the 4th fret for the "A" chord. Then you could slide everything up the neck 2 frets and you would have the "B" chord.


Re: update stinking B

Or play a B7 on the V, which is not only cool, but a whole lot easier to fret.

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Re: update stinking B

Or ... you could try a two-finger B. I just barre at the second fret, then cover the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings at the 4th fret with the ring finger. It'll dampen the 1st string, but it's fast and easy to switch to and from in the middle of tune.

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