Topic: 150 Years Ago Today

It's about 2:30 PM EST here in the US.  Approximately 150 years ago to the minute in the little town of Gettysburg PA, the CSA troops of Pickett, Pettigrew and Trimble would be staggering back across the battlefield after their failed attempt to break the center of the Union line.  Also 150 years ago tomorrow (July 4) the river bastion of Vicksburg surrendered to Grant's army, the two events sealing the fate of the Confederacy and leading to their defeat.


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Re: 150 Years Ago Today

DE, I take it you are into civil war history. I grew up playing in and around the Gettysburg battlefield. Spent many hours contemplating and debating the merits of both sides. The loss of lives is unimaginable. Every holiday I take time to pay my respects to those who gave their life for these United States.

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