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Ive    just  been taking  a  look  at   lou  reeds  walk  on the  wild  side  ,The  last  verse  goes " Then I guess  she  had to  crash  ,Valium would  have  helped  that   bash -she  said "
Its  this  line   that seems  wrong   ,should  it  not  be   "Valium   would  have helped  that vache" vache  being cow  in  french , this  would  perhaps  make  more  sense  with  Lou  refering  to  the  a fore mentioned  Jackie  as  a  cow in french . Or   am I  looking  to  deep  into  the  meaning  of  this  song .

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Lots of discussion about the lyrics of Walk on the Wild Side on the web, but I could find nothing on what you are looking for. Here is a good link if you want to check it out:

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I looked at the versions we have here and one says Fast and the other was Dash

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Thanks  guys  ,Jets  the  link  explains  much  about  the  characters  and  that  Jackie  was  a  man ,however   if  you  listen to  this version of it  from a spanish  tv program it  sounds  quite  clear ( to  me at  any  rate )  he  sings  vache .Any  way its   a  great  song